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Z-Cell® High Performance Wetland

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Z-Cell® High Performance Wetland

An attractive, robust and ecologically sound treatment system

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s Z-Cell® is a high performance wetland designed for use in decentralized wastewater treatment applications where the effluent quality must meet or exceed secondary treatment standards. The Z-Cell® technology can be used in residential, commercial, or small community applications for treating residential strength septic tank effluent. The Z-Cell® is a timed dose system and the wastewater has a 36” vertical path to an outlet pipe below the wetland’s surface. By moving water vertically, the fluid must pass through the horizontally oriented plant root zone. This eliminates short circuiting, an issue common in conventional constructed wetlands. During the growing season, evapotranspiration through plant leaves reduces the hydraulic load to downstream components.

  • Produces better than secondary quality effluent
  • Adaptable in size and shape
  • Beautiful addition to the natural landscape
  • Less water to disperse during growing season
  • Green technology


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.
Patent No. 5,897,777,

Technical Data

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Z-Cell High Performance Wetland
    Part Number Description
    5220-0001 10' x 20' Zcell kit (450 gpd)
    5220-0002 12' x 24' Zcell kit (600 gpd)

    Contact Clarus Environmental for treatment systems ranging from 450 gpd to 36,000 gpd.
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