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Centrifugal STEP Vaults

STEP Systems

Centrifugal STEP Vaults

Includes filter pack with handle and pump chamber preassembled at factory.

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s Centrifugal STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) Vaults provide an economical way of adding a second compartment to an existing single compartment tank, eliminating the need to install an additional tank. Each vault is designed for use in simplex centrifugal pumping applications. With vault heights ranging from 46” to 63”, the centrifugal STEP vault can be customized for almost any project. Each vault includes a filter pack with a handle and a pump chamber. The filter pack utilizes the deep pleated filter design of Clarus Environmental’s WW1 effluent filter, providing 528 linear feet of filtration area and a flow rate of 4,000 gpd. The filter pack screens solids to 1/16”. The vault’s inlet is specially designed to draw from the clear zone of the tank.

  • Vault heights from 46” to 63” are available
  • All vaults fit in an 18” septic tank opening
  • Preassembled simplex packages with controls are available
  • Non-corrodible polyethylene vault and polypropylene filter pack


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Technical Data

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Centrifugal STEP Vaults
    Part Number Description
    5040-0001 Cent STEP vault
    5040-0026 Cent StEP vault / 49"
    5040-0027 Cent STEP vault / 63"

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