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Economy Riser Systems


Economy Riser Systems

Allow access to septic or pump tanks

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s economy riser systems are injection-molded and exceptionally strong. They are composed of HDPE, which is non-corrodible in the septic environment. The risers are available in 6” (15 cm) lifts and can be stacked to fit any application. 12”, 20”, and 24” (30 cm, 51 cm, and 61 cm) diameter risers and covers are available. 24” (61 cm) diameter riser pans and adapter rings are also available. The 24” (61 cm) riser pan fits anywhere in the riser stack. A handle is included with the riser pan kit, so it can be cast into a concrete lid. Stainless steel screws are provided as part of the hardware pack.

  • Green cover blends with grass

  • Stackable for versatility

  • May be cast in place

  • Riser has cutouts for pipe penetration

  • Covers include stainless steel screws and molded-in gaskets


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Product Specifications

*HDPE is non-corrosive in a septic environment.

Nominal Diameter 12", 20", 24" (304, 508, 610 mm)
Materials HDPE

Technical Data

Sample Engineering Specification:
CONTRACTOR must furnish a Clarus Environmental Septic Tank Riser, model 5083, to bring all tank access openings to grade. A 12" diameter riser will be used over the inlet baffle and a 24" diameter riser will be used over the outlet baffle. The seam between the tank and riser must be watertight. The riser is attached to the tank by casting-in place or using a Clarus model 5086-0004 24" diameter Tank Adapter as an equal alternate mounting option. The riser and lid combination must be able to withstand a 10" vacuum test. The riser must be adjustable in the field by use of 6" tall riser extensions. Concrete risers should not be considered equal. The lid must have a green finish for blending into the landscape. Lid shall have a watertight connection to the riser pipe via a molded-in gasket. Properly sized stainless steel screws must be supplied with the riser system. For additional security a Clarus Riser Pan, model 5086-0003 must be installed with a concrete lid on all 24" diameter openings.

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Economy Riser Systems CL0501
    Part Number Description
    5083-0005 12" x 6" Tuf-Tite riser ext
    5083-0007 12" Dia Tuf-Tite cover
    5085-0001 20" x 5" Tuf-Tite riser ext
    5085-0002 20" Dia Tuf-Tite cover
    5086-0001 24" x 6" Tuf-Tite riser ext
    5086-0002 24" Dia Tuf-Tite cover
    5086-0003 24" Dia Tuf-Tite riser pan
    5086-0004 24" Dia Tuf-Tite riser adapter
    5086-0005 24" Dia Tuf-Tite flat cover
    5080-0001 5/16" x 20' Butyl rope seal
    5080-0002 1" x 14' - 6" Butyl rope seal
    5080-0003 .375" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0004 .50" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0005 .75" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0006 1.0" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0007 1.25" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0008 1.50" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0009 2.0" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0010 3.0" IPS pipe seal
    5080-0011 4.0" IPS pipe seal

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