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Tru-Flow Splitter System

Water Distribution Components

Tru-Flow Splitter System

Innovative Splitter System that evenly divides effluent into two to five lines.

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s Tru-Flow® Splitter System is designed to outlast concrete distribution boxes due to its sturdy, non-corrodible polypropylene frame. This innovative splitter system will evenly split effluent into between two and five lines. The system is made of two key parts: (1) the diverter basin & cover and (2) the adjustable diverter. The Tru-Flow unit can tolerate settlement of as much as 15º front-to-back (30º total) and/or 12º side-to-side (24º total). Even with the housing out of level, the unit will evenly split effluent when the diverter is adjusted properly. The Splitter System works with all gravity flows and can receive pumped effluent up to 30 gpm. This unique design has no parts to wear out and utilizes non-corrodible materials.

  • Can be used as a 4:1 or a 3:2 recirculating splitter

  • Tested from 1/10 gpm to 30 gpm flows

  • Patented bubble level built in for easy adjustments

  • Field adaptable from 2 to 5 outlets


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Product Specifications

Polypropylene box to withstand frost heaves, heavy loads and corrosion.

Number of Outlets 2-5

Technical Data

Sample Engineering Specification:
CONTRACTOR must furnish a Clarus Environmental Tru-Flow® splitter system, model 173-0001. A concrete or plastic distribution box requiring speed levelers should not be considered equal. The assembled splitter system must be lightweight to ease the burden of installation. Product must be capable of splitting effluent from 1/10th to 30 gpm evenly into 2 to 5 distribution lines. Product must not require external water for distribution line flow balancing purposes. System must be maintainable from the surface. Bubble level will be built in for easy adjustments and service. A 4" or 6" riser pipe shall be brought to the surface for future access, inspection, and adjustment. Splitter housing shall be rigid enough to withstand the anticipated frost and traffic loading. The splitter system must be made of all noncorrosive materials. Housing shall be made of polypropylene to increase the chemical resistance to the effluent and gases present in the waste stream. Diverter shall be made of virgin ABS to enhance product life. Six 4" SDR 35 pipe seals shall be provided with the unit.

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Tru-Flow® Splitter System
    Part Number Description
    173-0001 Tru-Flow® Splitter Sys (standard w/ 4" Sch 35 pipe seals)
    173-0003 Tru-Flow® Splitter Sys / 80-20 split
    173-0005 3" Pipe seals (order in addition to 173-0001)
    173-0006 4" Sch 40 pipe seals (order in addition to 173-0001)
    173-0007 6" Dia x 36" tall riser for splitter sys
    173-0008 Tru-Flow® Splitter Sys (w/ 4" Sch 40 pipe seals)

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