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Drip Line and Accessories

Water Distribution Components

Drip Line and Accessories

Distribute treated effluent effectively into tough soils

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s subsurface drip distribution equipment provides one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to turn a poor-soil site into usable property.  Pressurized drip tubing is installed 6"-12" deep in the most biologically active zone of the soil. This shallow placement helps to overcome limiting site characteristics such as high water tables or tight soils.  The drip system disperses effluent below the ground surface through 1/2" flexible tubing. Emitters in the drip line are spaced every 2'.   Individual drip lines are typically installed on 2' centers. The end result is even wastewater distribution, leading to better effluent treatment with less chance of soil clogging.

  • Installation requires minimal site disturbance

  • Flexible installation can be adapted to most sites

  • Natural landscaping can be maintained

  • Ideal for steep slopes, uneven terrain, and rocky soils


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Technical Data

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Drip Line & Accessories
    Part Number Description
    5056-0001 500' Roll of .5" dia polyethylene tubing, 0.53 gpm
    5056-0002 .75" Spigot x .5" tubing adapter
    5056-0003 .5" Tubing x .6" tubing coupling
    5056-0004 90° Elbow fitting for .5" tubing
    5056-0005 1" Air relief valve, MPT
    5056-0006 6" Dia round valve box
    5056-0007 90° Elbow, 1.25" slip x 1" FPT, Sch 40
    5056-0008 90° Elbow, 1.5" slip x 1" FPT, Sch 40
    5056-0011 1" Autoflush filter system (up to 30 gpm), residential
    5056-0012 1" FIPT solenoid valve
    5056-0013 1.5" FIPT solenoid valve
    5056-0014 2" FIPT solenoid valve
    5056-0024 .5" Dia flexible PVC pipe
    5056-0025 2" Autoflush filter system (30-180 gpm), commercial
    5056-0026 2" Air relief valve, FPT
    5056-0030 10" Dia round valve box (for use with 5056-0025)
    5056-0031 Victaulic hardware pak
    5056-0032 .5" x 500' Drip line roll w/ 24" emitters (min 21 req'd)
    5056-0034 Tee, 1.25" slip x 1.25" slip x .5" slip, Sch 40
    5056-0035 Tee, 1.5" slip x 1.5" slip , .5" slip, Sch 40
    5056-0044 .4" Tubing x .5" tubing tee
    10-1470 Control panel, dup, 115/230V, 0-20A, TD autoflushing (for use with 5056-0011)
    10-1523 Control panel, sim, 115/230V, 0-20A, TD autoflushing (for use with 5056-0011)

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