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Check Valves


Check Valves

Brass Check Valves, PVC Check Valves, Backflow Check Valves

Features and Benefits

Clarus Environmental’s Check Valves are available in brass or PVC. Brass spring loaded check valves are designed to screw directly into the pump discharge. PVC check valves can be used in line with the pump’s discharge piping or for redundancy at the street service connection in a pressure sewer system. A check valve should always be used at the pump in pressure sewer applications. Backflow check valves are also available as a cost effective solution to prevent waste streams from flowing in the wrong direction. Intended for horizontal use, these valves contain neoprene gaskets on the flapper and lid. A threaded lid provides an access port to the flapper for ease of maintenance. All check valves are assembled with components suitable for a septic environment.

  • Brass check valves rated at 400 psi

  • PVC check valves rated at 75 PSI (closed) and 150 PSI (open)

  • Non-corrodible construction

  • Full flow, swing-type check valve


All Clarus Environmental products must be installed and maintained in accordance with all applicable codes.

Technical Data

Part Number Charts

  • Part Number Chart
    Check Valves
    Part Number Description
    30-0187 1.25" Brass check valve
    30-0189 2" Brass check valve
    30-0207 1" Clear PVC check valve w/ unions
    30-0209 1.5" Clear PVC check valve w/ unions
    30-0210 2" Clear PVC check valve w/ unions
    30-0224 1.25" Clear PVC check valve wiht unions
    5050-0004 3" PVC backflow preventer
    5050-0005 4" PVC backflow preventer
    5050-0006 6" PVC backflow preventer